Digital Marketing with Full-Funnel Strategy in a Modern Business Era

Digital Marketing

With several social networking platforms, a consumer’s journey to make a purchase has become very complex. Consumers have easy access to discover brands on various social channels and researching multiple company’s products and services, choosing to compare the pricing and offers before making a final buying decision. This new consumer decision journey has given rise to ever-evolving consumer awareness.

How businesses modify marketing funnel and adopt new techniques to engage with new audiences? Full-funnel marketing is one of the best techniques used by marketers to convert the prospective audience into customers. This can be done on digital platforms and researching multiple brands by showcasing relevant messaging to a target audience to make a final decision. Consumers are targeting by moving them along with different approaches from ‘Awareness’ to ‘Considering’ to ‘conversion’.

While performance-based campaigns are keys as they drive conversion business end goal, it would not be an optimal strategy to focus only on awareness on consumer and build affinity audience towards the same before making a purchase or enquiring. Most of the marketers, however, focus directly on the bottom of sales funnel directly and optimize all the channels to drive consumer action. This could increase lead i.e. cost per acquisition and lower conversion rates.

With the shift from traditional marketing to digital promotion, it is also essential that a brand adapts their marketing funnel with a digital-first marketing strategy. This approach indicated that it is essential for the brand to focus on a mobile-first approach for all digital assets in order to reach and engage with potential customers. Brands should leverage Accelerated Mobile Pages to improve the loading speed landing page to ensure the best experience for consumers.

Create Video for top-of-the-funnel campaigns

In the first stage, the focus should be on creating awareness of the brand and its legacy. It is observed to leverage short videos to engage firstly with potential buyers. Brands should also look at highlighting the benefits for the consumer by showcasing how the product or service can help them and resolve a pain point. Brands could choose various from YouTube to Reach & Frequency campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive the high-impact reach for the brand’s top of the funnel strategy.

Which Ad Inventory To Explore?

YouTube: Bumper Ad, Masthead, TrueView For Reach are the best ad inventories to explore using YouTube.

Facebook/Instagram: Reach & Frequency Campaigns and Brand-Awareness are instrumental in ad inventories to explore using Facebook/Instagram.

Users who engage with the brand’s top-of-the-funnel activity will have to familiarize with the brand through more targeted product/service content. At this stage, the key focus should be on showcasing educational content in order to help users and consideration for the brand. Case studies, Blog posts, White Papers, Ebooks, etc. are simple yet very effective tools for the brand’s middle of the funnel strategy.

Which Ad Inventory To Explore?

YouTube: Bearing Ad Inventory in mind, Trueview In-Stream Ad is typically explored on YouTube.

Facebook: Facebook Ad Inventor, the way to go is through Traffic, Engagement, and Video Views.

Once users are aware and have developed consideration for the brand, it is time to drive action with focused creatives and clear Call-To-Actions. At this stage, the consumer is already aware of the brand and is in a ready-to-buy frame of mind. With the right communication strategy, the users can easily convert into customers from a prospect lead. The focus here is to make the final pitch and keep it straight forward with the brand’s product/service details and pricing.

By following a full-funnel, approach brands should be able to generate high-quality leads as the users have gone through the entire customer journey of awareness and consideration before purchasing or enquiring from the brand. This is especially important in industries such as Real Estate where the purchase cycle is relatively long, and consumers are continually researching options.

Which Ad Inventory To Explore?

YouTube: TrueView For Action is often explored bearing YouTube Ad Inventory in mind.

Facebook: The best Ad Inventory to explore using Facebook is Lead Gen/Website Conversion.

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