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SEMBEAT helps clients get their product in front of their target audience when they are ready to buy, and throughout their purchase journey. From setting up landing pages to all the other things required from search engine marketing to ongoing analysis of analytics data to drive better results – we’ve got EVERYTHING covered!


Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising works much better when you’re testing ads and landing pages at the same time.

Landing Page Creation/ Suggestion

The landing page is a very important component for PPC Campaign success. Our experience tells us that 95% of campaign success depends on a landing page. 

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping allows us to showcases products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors at search engine page.

Display Ads

The Google Display Network consisting of millions of websites, advertisers can choose to display their adverts in multiple formats to a lot of audiences across the globe using a wide variety of targeting methods. 

Video Ads

AdWords for video allows us to display video ads in the YouTube search results or before, during, and after videos running on YouTube and the Google Display Network.


We build you a PPC strategy that’s based on industry research and aligned with your internal objectives. Keywords based search ads targeting search network advertising.

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What Our Clients Say

SEMBEAT is one of my go-to company for actionable SEO and content marketing advice.


“I thought the images were good. But the ad copies? Even better!”


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